The newly elected MINC Board

The newly elected MINC Board, under the leadership of its new Chairman, Khaled Fattal, has approved a plan to reorganize and restructure MINC. This move is to make MINC more adaptive, flexible and responsive to the current dynamic events revolving around the Internationalization of Domain Names (IDN) issue. It will make MINC more streamlined for aggressively achieving its mission of bringing about widespread deployment and adoption of multilingual multiscript Internationalized Domain Names as soon as possible.

One of MINC’s functions as a forum and platform for all parties interested in IDN will continue and will be actively improved upon and expanded. This already includes many language groups, often spanning many countries, whose common interest lies in enabling their native speakers with proper Internet usage of their language – examples being INFITT for the Tamil language spoken by Indians, MINC Arabic Working Group for the Arabic language, and the Cyrillic language group, JDNA for the Japanese language, EUROLINC for a number of European languages to name a few.

Members of these groups are all currently members of MINC, and actively involved in MINC processes. In addition to leading technology providers such as Verisign and, who also have staff officially represented in MINC board membership, key leaders associated with ASCII TLD registry operators such as JPNIC and KRNIC are also members of MINC as well as those from gTLDs (Verisign) and IDN registry operators like JPRS and Regtime.

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“MINC’s future will be characterised by SERVICE, ENGAGEMENT and COOPERATION: service to the community, engagement of key issues and timely execution and deliverables, as well as cooperation with all parties