Attack strategy on the map Inferno CS:GO

If you want to find interesting additions to the game, you can go to Let’s take a closer look at the attack on the map Inferno CS:GO. Players attack occupy a banana, throwing hammers and flashbang on the near and far fortifications. The first thing you need to check the machine and the cement. This is done simply – scattering fire. Then, it is necessary to throw the smoke on the clearance of the bushes and control the coffins. Exiting directly into the plant should be accompanied by a flashbang with a banana, which hinges through the roof. After examining the positions on the dark and possible planting, you need to put the bomb and take the following positions: One control player, two remain close to the bomb in closed positions, one on tile and one on a banana. 

Important: The given formation is very tentative, as it is not a fact that the attacking side will be able to keep the whole team alive. Therefore, you need to control the key positions regardless of the number of people – banana, church.

As for maneuvers, when attacking B plant, you can send one person with a bomb on the carpets, who will place a bomb on the other plant when the defense side is pulled. By this time, other players will make a banana banana, taking comfortable positions up the sleeve, throwing smoke on the arch and library. Approximately the same is possible with a forced banana lift. Then it is more profitable to enter through the boiler on the shorts and through carpets. It will not take much time, so there is a good chance that at point A you can find only a little resistance.

Attack on point A

When you attack point A, select a vector. It may be the first or the second. And from the second middle, you may make an unexpected attack on the sleeve occupying the boiler. Thus, you may get a paired depression. The main thing now is to determine the side of the lunge.

A promising option will be the passage through the shorts, because another player can be sent to the carpets, and the exit through the green is a threat in the form of library and arch. Going out through the shorts, should cut off the smoke sand, throw flashbang and throw Molotov in the plant. Then comes the smoke towards the small sands, closing the player’s view from the library. Take up positions under the balcony, in the sands or in prison, as well as in the plant itself. 

In such a scenario it is quite dangerous to make a fake on A. Since a player on a banana with a bomb can catch and lose the bomb, giving valuable information to his team. Therefore, it is best to make a whole team’s fake by making a spread with the middle, and run away on a banana. In fact, the pulling is the same when the team runs away from the middle towards the banana. 

In general, it is not a good idea to attack with the whole team through the carpets, because there is a narrow passageway, which is easy to constrict. There is a metro position on the map that matches the first and the second middle between them. It is a small sewerage passage under the balconies. In general, the main task of the terrorists is to break through to one of the points of installation of the bomb and prevent the defense side from performing its duties.


Another important component of the game, along with the tactics, are grenade launches. Before each round, the players of both teams purchase grenades that are applicable for several occasions:

  • Containment of the opponent’s attack.
  • Occupation of a point on the map.
  • Chasing away opponents.
  • Knocking out the opponent.

You can also use some improvements to make the game more interesting and varied. For example, you can find a lot of things at

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