Multilingual Internet Name Consortium

Multilingual names for the Internet are becoming very important now. When the Internet was created, it supported only 7-bit ASCII code, and the Domain Name System (DNS) supports alphabets, numbers and hyphen of the ASCII code. The Internet supports other characters in many of its applications, and this movement of multilingual character support is coming to the Internet names including the domain names now.

It is very important to support the multilingual names in the Internet along other Internet internationalization to make the Internet globally accessible and become ubiquitous. In order to facilitate healthy development of the multilingual names, we need to coordinate its development and deployment with concentrated effort. In order to realize this goal, one of the efforts we have to make is to form the consortium to have global coordination.

The consortium shall cooperate with the relevant global and regional organizations such as IETF, W3C, ICANN, Unicode, IEEE, ISO, and ITU.

The consortium may consists of various organizations and qualified individuals such as software companies, ISPs, regional organizations, TLD administrators, user organizations, and public organizations.

The multilingual names covered at the consortium include the following areas; multilingual domain names, and multilingual keywords.

The consortium’s activity may include the following areas;

  • Coordination of research and development on multilingual names,
  • Coordination on technical aspects of deployment of the multilingual names, and
  • Coordination with the relevant organizations.
  • Coordination for standards development on multilingual names.