AINC General Body Meeting

AINC Members, Arab ccTLD Managers & Invited Speakers & Guests

08:00 – 09:00   Registration & New AINC Membership Rally

09:00 – 10:30   Linguistic / Technical Committee Meeting (Session 1)

Chaired by: Dr. Abdul Aziz Alzoman (Linguistic Committee Chair)1 – Status Report about Linguistic Issues – From Linguistic Committee.
2 – Open discussion to finalize the linguistic recommendations.
3 –Arabizing Vision & Technology   By: Eng. Rifaah Akrama

10:30 – 10:45   Coffee Break

10:45 – 12:00   Linguistic / Technical Committee Meeting (Session 2)

Chaired by: Dr. Zakaria Ammar (AINC Vice Chairman)1 – Discuss the technical impacts of the approved linguistic items.
2 –Major Technical Problems of Implementing Internet Names in the Arabic Script. By: Roozbeh Pournader
3 –Transliteration scheme for Arabic/Urdu Internet and Email names. By: Dr. Muhammad Zaher Aziz

12:00- 13:00   Lunch

13:00- 14:30    Linguistic / Technical Committee Meeting (Session 3)

Chaired by: Mr. Jarallah Aljarallah (ABLINC Committee Chair)1 –Overview of Urdu Informatics Standardization – Evolution of Standard Urdu Code Page. By: Dr. Mohammad Afzal
2 –Urdu Top Level Domains. By: Dr. Mohammad Afzal
3 –Methodology of Arabic and Urdu Internet names collaboration.

Round Table Discussion (Linguistic & Technical conflicts)

14:30- 14:45   Coffee Break

14:45- 16:15   Linguistic / Technical Committee Meeting (Session 4)

Chaired by: Mr. Jarallah Aljarallah (ABLINC Committee Chair)1-      Round Table Discussion of the impacts of Arabic Domains (gTLDs) on other languages (Farsi, Urdu, Kurdish)
2-Issues and Proposals for E-Commerce using Urdu / Arabic. By: Dr. Muhammad Zaher Aziz

16:15- 17:00   Coffee Break

17:00- 19:00   Executive Council Meeting  (CLOSED SESSION)

Chaired by: Mrs. Christine Arida (AINC Chair)Discuss: Elections Nominations & Procedure, Annual Dues & other items.

20:00- 22:00   Dinner