First Arabic Language

1. Discussion about spaces:
Spaces are not used in the existing English domain names. Also, spaces and the
underscore “_” are technically troublesome. Therefore, a dash or a hyphen “-”
can be used to separate words in the Arabic domain names.

2. Discussion about the ccTLD:
There were different opinions in this regard. The purpose is to come up with a
solution that is meaningful and useful. Some people suggested using the Arabic
UN country codes. Others suggested a transliteration of the English ccTLDs. Others
suggested variable length codes.

As a result of the discussion, a research has to be done that looks into proposed
solutions and study the pros and cons of each one of them. The study has to consult with
linguists and look into past work in this regard such as the ISO3166.

3. Discussion about the gTLD:
The purpose is to help people get into the Internet by providing a meaningful and
useful solution. Therefore, the one-letter gTLD such as ãæÞÚ.ÇäÊÑäÊ.Ô did not
win the attendees’ satisfaction.

One of the proposed solutions is:

4. Election of the chairs
Co-chairs of the Arabic WG are as follows:
Saleem Al-Balooshi <[email protected]> UAEnic
Zakaria Ould Amar < [email protected] > Ph.D. University of Nouakchott.

Congratulations to the new co-chairs and the resume office of Arabic WG from now
and hold responsiblity for the smooth workings of this WG.

5. Discussion about the action plan including Dubai Workshop:
The Interim chair is going to look into arranging the next Arabic WG meeting in
November in Dubai. MINC meetings participants will be informed in due course of time.