MINC’s perspective

Thus from MINC’s perspective, it is clear that IDN is not a regional matter, it is a global one. In that context, MINC has been successful in expanding its collaboration with other language/script groups such as Spanish, Eastern European, Scandanavian languages through its interaction with the European Languages Internet Names Consortium (EuroLINC).

An invitation letter will be sent to all ccTLDs and NICs informing them of their reserved seat by the secretariat of MINC on behalf of MINC’s chairman and its board very shortly.

“MINC strongly encourages all ccTLD and NIC stakeholders to take part and be active at all levels in the IDN matters that concern them most. Choosing not to take part will only permit others who are less qualified to influence the future of their regions and languages. But with proactive participation, not only can we ensure that what is arguably the most important development in the Internet since the Internet broke into the global scene ten years ago, takes place for the benefit for everyone everywhere in their own language and script, and that these IDN languages are safeguarded for generations to come” said Fattal

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