MINC’s current list of members

MINC’s current list of members and participants is a positive reflection of how well represented the many players of the IDN are in MINC, and where MINC derives its ability to champion their cause. We aim to build on that strength of inclusivity and extensive representation since MINC’s inception in 2000 as the earliest international effort at promoting IDN.

We will be issuing follow-up press releases and announcements relating to the operational plans, decisions and developments which would fall under this restructuring plan.

MINC and its board look forwards to continued support and participation with our partners and members towards achieving our mission and seeks to build strong cooperative ties with more organisations such as FIAM, ccTLDs with which we have initiated strong and positive exchanges.

Other institutions, such as IETF, ICANN, ITU and WIPO, have had joint activities with MINC and/or seen active MINC member participation.

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