Arabic Language

1. Objectives

Arabic Language (AL) working group aims to co-ordinate efforts to develop and deploy Arabic Internet name system and applications. This includes providing users with the capability of using Arabic language and its standard character set to write domain names in Arabic and navigate the internet.

2. Work Items

To achieve the projected objectives, AL WG plans to work on items as follows:
– evaluate technical features and impact on existing standards and operation
– submit technical specifications to IETF
– deliver two independent and interoperable implementations
– interoperability testing program
– coordinate the deployment of Arabic Internet name system for registeries and registrars
– consider and discuss Arabic Internet name system related policy issues.
– study the directionality problem of domain names since Arabic is written from right to left.

3. Schedule

07/2000: launch of the working group
11/2000: first meeting to identify arabic language issues in MINC
01/2001: submit technical requirements and propose implementations to IETF

4. Participants

There is no limitation on qualification of participants. People who would like to join the development, database interoperability testing and deployment of Arabic Internet name system are strongly encouraged to participate.