MINC’s future

“MINC’s future will be characterised by SERVICE, ENGAGEMENT and COOPERATION: service to the community, engagement of key issues and timely execution and deliverables, as well as cooperation with all parties and entities who are stakeholders in IDN.” Reflecting on the current developments, Charles Lee from Neustar further added, “MINC is thus taking on the mantle of an industry-led consortium, that represents the industry that can execute and deliver on the deployment maintenance and services of IDNs, a situation that has been the case since the inception of MINC.”

Finally, said the new Chairman, Khaled Fattal, “The future of MINC is critical to the promotion and widespread deployment of IDN. As MINC takes on the challenges of more and more entities wishing to participate in IDN, MINC will engage with all relevant parties wanting to have a stake in IDNs.”

About MINC

MINC is the Multilingual Internet Names Consortium, formed in 2000 from a wide diversity of stakeholders committed towards the promotion and coordination of the deployment of internationalized domain names (IDN) and other Internet names in all native languages and scripts. As MINC increasingly evolves to an industry-led consortium, its key initiative is to ensure an orderly deployment of IDNs. MINC has memoranda of understanding with the Tamil international language group, INFITT, and was involved in the founding of the Arabic Internet Names Consortium AINC.

It has active connections with Russian Cyrillic groups, EUROLINC, the European Languages Internet Names Consortium, and cooperated with JDNA, ITU, WIPO, ICANN and many others to hold joint meetings to popularise the notion of Internet domain names in languages and scripts of all nations. Organisational Membership is open to all interested organisations. Individual Membership is currently free.

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