A Thanksgiving Dinner Meal


As friends, relatives and family members at one point in life, we prepare for a thanksgiving dinner meal. Whether you are thinking of serving the favorite family dish or trying a new meal, a thanksgiving dinner meal plan is essential for the ultimate thanksgiving menu. My family likes trying a new delicacy every holiday. Last year we tried a turkey. If you haven’t tried it, kindly include it in your next thanksgiving dinner meal plan. It is awesome!
Preparing a Juicy Thanksgiving Turkey
I. One tablespoon salt
II. One tablespoon lemon pepper
III. Chopped carrot
IV. One orange
V. One onion
VI. One whole turkey
VII. Two tablespoons (dried thyme leaves, dried parsley, dried and ground rosemary)

Celery (two stalks )

IX. 14.5 once chicken broth
How to make it

The oven is preheated to 350 degrees. A turkey roaster is lined with long sheets of aluminum foil to cover the whole turkey
The lemon pepper, thyme, sage, parsley, rosemary and salt are stirred together and rubbed into the bottom of the turkey. An orange, celery, carrots and onions are then added before a chicken broth is added.
The turkey is then covered with the aluminum foil without touching the skin of the turkey
Bake the turkey in the pre-heated pan

Do you know how to prepare a turkey? It will be fine if you let me know in the comments section.